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American Football History and Memorabilia Digest. Each issue looks at a variety of football stories ranging from legendary players to legendary collections. If you enjoy football at any level Gridiron Greats Magazine is for you!

Welcome to Issue 47 of Gridiron Greats Magazine. The following articles are included in this issue of our Winter 2014 magazine.

F.S.R. The Steelers Diddle
By Harvey Aronson

Read a free pdf article from Gridiron Greats Magazine Issue 47 about the Packers Walker's Cleaners set here:
Some Thoughts Regarding the Packers Walkers Cleaners Set and a New Discovery
by John Spano

The Super Collector - Robert Tibi
by Bob Swick

The Heisman Ballot
by Karey Lavin

Charley Powell: Mr. Versatility
By Martin Jacobs

One To Go - And It Shows: 2014 Topps Football Cards
by Pat Mills

Book Reviews
By Bob Swick

The Game that Changed Football
by Josh Adams

The Trade
By Jared Kraus

Hugh Ray and His Place in Football History
By Jim Stangeland with Bob Swick

A 1960 AFL Championship Game Program
By Todd Tobias

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