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Welcome to Issue 63 of Gridiron Greats Magazine. The following articles are included in this issue.

Jim Taylor - A Story of Success
By Martin Jacobs

Tomlin at the Top
By Harv Aronson

Life of Riley (Ken Riley - Cincinnati Bengals)
By Jared Kraus

From Fat Checks to Empty Wallets: The United Football League By Zac Tubbs

The Super Collector: Dallas Cowboys Collector: Steve Wolfe
By Bob Swick

The Minnesota Vikings Team Museum
By Bob Swick and Erik Stang

Yale-Princeton 1890 Championship Game
The First Football Card Set
By Al Olson

Arnie Galiffa No. 16 - 49ers Game Jersey
By Martin Jacobs

The Heisman Ballot
By Karey Lavin

Book Reviews By Bob Swick:

Collision of Wills Johnny Unitas, Don Shula and the Rise of the Modern NFL By Jack Gilden

The Incredible Slip Madigan The Flamboyant Coach Who Modernized Football By Dave Newhouse

Nothing But A Brand-New Set Of Flat Tires The Sad, Sorry Saga Of The 1974 Detroit Wheels Of The World Football league By Mark Speck

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