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American Football History and Memorabilia Digest. Each issue looks at a variety of football stories ranging from legendary players to legendary collections. If you enjoy football at any level Gridiron Greats Magazine is for you!

Jimmy Johnson - The Consumate Quarterback
by Martin Jacobs

Treading Water
by Zac Tubbs

The MVP - Steve Atwater
by Jared Kraus

The Silly Things we Collect - Part 1
by Joe Squires

The Heisman Ballot -
Rashaan Salaam
by Karey Lavin

Jim McDowell 1935-2016
by Jared Kraus

From Scars to Stars
by Harv Aronson

How To Spot Fake Rings and Other Perils In Championship Ring Collecting - Part 1
by Michael Borkan

The Super Collector:
Kenton Williams - Oakland Raiders
by Bob Swick

First and Ten With Bert Jones
by Jaden Bagomolny

The Tradition of Army-Navy Football and Choosing a Battleground
by Scotty Autin (USMA '02) and Gerry Motl (USNA '67)
Football Cards of the All-American Football Conference
by Jeff Payne

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